04/04 Links

Links roundup for Wednesday, April 4th (below the jump).

04-04 Wednesday

Signs of a New Tiananmen in China | The Diplomat

Flattering News Coverage Has a Price in China – NYTimes.com
Anonymous Hacks Chinese Government Websites

China’s Wen says bank monopoly must be broken: state media | Reuters
China’s GDP likely to have slowed in Q1 | Economy | chinadaily.com.cn

Why the Fed has taken QE3 off the agenda | Gavyn Davies
Wall Street drops on fading Fed stimulus hopes, euro zone | Reuters

Why the Fed Will Intervene If Stocks Fall Too Far – US Business News – CNBC
DJIA is completing a top | PeterLBrandt

2007-09 bear market now totally erased – Mark Hulbert – MarketWatch
S&P 500 Beating Gold Most Since 1999 on Positive Earnings – Bloomberg
Is Stock Picking Back? | The Big Picture

European Central Bank Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged – NYTimes.com
ECB: Not time yet for an ‘exit strategy’

The Wolfson Economics Prize and the Euro-Zone Breakup | Business
Euro Falls to One-Month Low on Spain’s Debt, ECB Views – Bloomberg
Tepid Bond Sale Adds to Spain’s Woes – WSJ.com
Euro zone sales disappoint, prospects poor | Reuters

Greek Man Ends Financial Despair With Bullet – NYTimes.com
Greece Faces Off With Holdout Investors Over Debt – NYTimes.com

Chips Forecast a Slowdown Is Coming – MarketBeat – WSJ
March sales to see continued shopper muscle – MarketWatch

Fed Signals No Need for More Easing Unless Growth Falters – Bloomberg
Fed’s Lacker Says Markets Saw Odds of New Easing as Too High – Bloomberg
Businesses add jobs, service sector growth dips | Reuters
Services sector slips in March: ISM | Reuters

England Challenges China by Reviving Strategic Mine: Commodities
Indonesia mine export tax aimed at curbing output boom | Reuters

Big rise in US crude stocks deflates price – FT.com
Cocoa Nears Three-Month Low on Supply Outlook – Bloomberg
‘Pink Slime’ Foes in Smear Campaign, Iowa’s Branstad Says – Bloomberg

John Phelan of MSD Capital on the Economy & Markets ~ market folly

Yahoo to lay off 2,000 employees | Reuters
Democrats boycott Coke, Walmart over voter ID laws | Washington Examiner

Monsanto posts record second quarter, sales jump 15 percent | Reuters
Petrobras Targeted in Argentina After YPF Lost Licenses – Bloomberg

For Hybrid and Electric Cars to Pay Off, Owners Must Wait – NYTimes.com
Auto industry’s higher sales reflect demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient cars
Twitter heads to Motown to be closer to automakers | Reuters

Iran Apparently Seeking Other Location for Nuclear Talks Besides Turkey
Hedge Funds Try New Approach in India – WSJ.com
Australia’s Surplus Dreams Are Just That – WSJ.com

Can a Country Have Too Many Millionaires? – The Wealth Report – WSJ
How Casinos in Macau, China Made Siu Yun Ping Rich : The New Yorker

Get a piece of my hedge fund! – The Term Sheet
Analyst-Banker Firewall Weakened in Bill on Obama’s Desk – Bloomberg
How Investing Turns Nice People Into Psychopaths – Lynn Stout

Why do jerks get paid more then you?
Intelligent people take less sick leave, researchers find – Telegraph

Q: What Stands Between You and Better Performance? (A: You)
Zap your brain into the zone: Fast track to pure focus

Vietnam craves rhino horn; costs more than cocaine
Clothes and Self-Perception – NYTimes.com
Skipping: You’re Doing it Wrong (youtube)