04/24 Links

Links roundup for Tuesday, April 24th (below the jump).

04-24 Tuesday

Start-Up Outlines Asteroid-Mining Strategy – WSJ.com

Fed’s 17 Rate Forecasts May Confuse More Than Clarify – Bloomberg
Consumer Confidence Weaker Than Expected

Apple doubles profit on strong iPhone sales – Apr. 24, 2012

Home prices seeing some signs of stability | Reuters
Housing Market Inches Ahead – WSJ.com
Case Shiller: House Prices fall to new post-bubble lows in February NSA

Cost of Spain’s Housing Bust Could Force a Bailout – NYTimes.com
Stocks Up but Eurozone Crisis Stalks Bond Auctions – NYTimes.com

For first time since Depression, more Mexicans leave U.S. than enter

Hollande Meets German Resistance in Anti-Austerity Push – Bloomberg
German Chancellor Angela Merkel defends austerity in face of open rebellion
People Are Finally Figuring Out: Austerity is Stupid
A euro parable: the couple with a joint account – FT.com

China Tire Demand Slows as Economy Decelerates, Bridgestone Says
Rate cut expectations weigh on Aussie – FT.com

U.K. Government Borrowing Exceeds Expectations – WSJ.com
Bankruptcies Have German Solar on the Ropes – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Mad-Cow Case Confirmed in Central California, USDA Says – Bloomberg
Cattle Tumble Most in 11 Months as Mad-Cow Disease Found in U.S.

Mexico’s Oil Monopoly Chafes Under Regulatory Scrutiny
Argentina hopes shale lure enough to dispel doubts | Reuters
Engineer Charged in BP Spill Case – NYTimes.com

Tame Australian Inflation Clears Path for Rate Cut – WSJ.com
China Manufacturing Continues Contraction – WSJ.com

S.E.C. Charges Former Calpers Chief With Fraud – NYTimes.com

New York AG: The Man the Banks Fear Most
Glencore: A Giant Among Giants – By Ken Silverstein | Foreign Policy

What if Facebook isn’t so special after all? — Tech News and Analysis
Facebook profits dip before IPO – FT.com
Facebook’s Growth Slows – WSJ.com

Google to launch online storage service for consumers: source | Reuters
Apple Infringes on Motorola Mobility Patent – ITC Judge – NYTimes.com

AT&T profit up, helped by iPhone sales drop | Reuters
Amazon to Begin Collecting Sales Tax in Nevada – WSJ.com

Exclusive: North Korea’s nuclear test ready soon | Reuters
Sierra Leone: a one-stock shop | beyondbrics
Billionaire Spends $1.3 Billion on Hotels With Dubai Rebounding

The Grandmaster Experiment
The Brain May Disassemble Itself in Sleep: Scientific American
New Zealand Mulls Charging $100 for Pack of Cigarettes