12/06 Roundup

Links Roundup for Tuesday, December 6th (below the jump).

12-06 Tuesday

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards prepare for war – Telegraph
Analysis: Cold War with Iran heats up across Mideast | Reuters

Germany Calls S.&P. Threat a Spur to Act on Euro – NYTimes.com
Downgrade Threat Irks Governments – WSJ.com
More Stimulus Expected From E.C.B., but Will It Be Enough? – NYTimes.com

Geithner backs EU crisis plan, stresses ECB role | Reuters
EU talks on doubling financial firewall – FT.com

Here’s the real scoop on that jobless rate – NYPOST.com
Drop in U.S. Jobless Rate Is Early Sign of Demographic Shift – Bloomberg

The Gas Price Paradox: Don’t Celebrate Cheaper Oil – Business – The Atlantic
BP Chief Warns of High Oil Price Threat – WSJ.com
Focus on Fracking: Oil’s Growing Thirst for Water for Hydraulic Fracturing

A Dialogue of the Deaf on the Yuan – WSJ.com

An insider’s account of vote rigging for Putin
Russia shaken by anti-Putin rally – FRANCE 24
Russia Faces Capital Flight – WSJ.com

‘Gold For Bonds’ in Japan as Bond Buyers Get Gold Coins
Rising use of covered bonds by banks triggers warning

MF’s Failure Gets Felt on the Farm – WSJ.com
Corzine Rebuffed Internal Warnings on Risks at MF Global – WSJ.com

Power in Numbers – China Aims for High-Tech Primacy – NYTimes.com

Brazil Growth Slows to a Crawl in 3rd Quarter – WSJ.com
Brazil’s rapid growth shudders to a halt – FT.com
Facebook Looking to Go Public in 2012 With IPO | Moneyland | TIME.com

The Health Risks Of Being Left-Handed – WSJ.com
Eight Ferraris Crash at ‘Gathering of Narcissists’ – Bloomberg